New issue of The Comet!!!!!!

The newest issue of “The Comet” is out. Go check it out, its 6 pages of goodness! Gogogo!!!!! Do it!!Our first place winning hair is now in Le Shop. Our runner up hair will be available next weekend! Yay! Read all about it at

We have updated our world map; Downtown and Uptown have been revamped as well. Downtown girl is back too! She took a little vacation.

I am sure you will have questions about the contests, feel free to ask them here. Come back often for more details about whats new, whats coming up, and some silly comics.

Later everyone,


Cool New Glasses

New releases today! Yay!!!!

They are available the Le Shop, no gems required! And I’m going to repost my comic so more people can see it.

This months contests from the paper are now closed. We will decide on the winners and they will be featured in the paper next week.

Later everyone,

Another little comic…

Whats up everyone. The next issue of The Comet will come out next week, and we will probably be releasing some new stuff tomorrow too, until then, enjoy this comic I made.

Gamer’s Checklist

Yeah thats me, but who am I? Hey everyone! Here is a little something to help you all get your gamer levels up. It can currently go up to level 38. Check off the left column if you score in the stop 10, and check off the right column if you get in the top three. Just right click and “Save as…” to download.

Oh who has their gamer medal at 38 already? I might have room in the issue of The Comet to feature the first people to max out their gamer level. Of course I’ll have to check in game and actually see the medal on your ID card ;p

Game on Fantagians!


More hair for you this weekend. We are also working on a water balloon game as well as the fashion show game, but both are still a bit away. Have fun everyone. We’ll be chosing the winner for the hair design contest this week so try to get your last minute submissions in before the 23rd.

More to come, check back often for news and more previews.
Later everyone,


Server Upgrading

Hey guys, we know the server is running a little slow, we are sorry. We are in the process of upgrading our servers! YAY! In the mean time, take a gander at this. I don’t think it was posted before, maybe it was. Oh well, here is the outside of the modeling agency.

A silly comic…

Hey everyone. We added 6 new hairs last weekend but I didn’t update the blog, sorry folks. But enjoy this comic. Later!