Surprise for Beta Users

Go me!!!Hey there Fantagians! We’ve been getting emails and messages from some of our beta users with a lot of feedback. Don’t think we aren’t listening ! We totally appreciate you guys and what you have done for us by making Fantage a community. We’ve decided to do something special for all of our beta user who have been with us since the beginning. “What is it?” you ask? Your comments will help us decide! Give us feedback and tell us what you think!! This is your chance to get your voice heard. Let us know what you like by replying here on the blog.
♥ Himani


Premium Rooms!

Go me!!!Hi everyone! Today I’m here to show you guys the new premium rooms that will be coming out really soon! I think they’re awesome, and I hope you will too. The forest isn’t coming out this weekend, we had a really great idea that we think you guys will love! It’s all hush-hush for now, so I can’t tell you much! There will be 3 new games that will come out with the forest. We really want to release all of it together, that way it’s much more exciting :D
Also, we’re working on making a community newspaper where you Fantagians will have the say on it’s content! This is a great way for you guys to give us feedback and let other Fantagians know what you think! Plus, it will have all sorts of cool stuff and goodies for you guys to enjoy!
Oops, I’m rambling on! hehe! :D Here are the screenshots I have of the Premium Rooms! Enjoy~♥

Premium Room Leak 1

Premium Room Leak 2

Premium Room Leak 3

Premium Room Leak 4

Premium Room Leak 5

Contest Results and Item Leak!

Go me!!! Hey everyone! Welcome back! Today I announce the results of the contest, thank you so much to everyone for participating! It was a hard choice, but us folks here at Fantage feel confident that we picked the best of the best! Hopefully our next contest will be even more fun! Please stay tuned for that and thank you again!♥

Here are the Winners! Each winner will receive 1000 StarS!

 Winning Entry by Foolish
DinDin, Hamarer, TutTut, Octostash, Snaw, Cucumy, Mushy& Mr.Blob by Foolish

 Winning Entry by Wind
Creatures by Wind

 Winning Entry by Dina
Dino, Cornelius, Chucky, Oswald, Racer and Stubs by Dina

EDIT OHMIGOSH!!! I am SO sorry to Lissiecutie! She won and I forgot to put her entry up!! Here you go! Please forgive me :(

 Winning Entry by Lissiecutie
Feary, Soar, Blub and Wart by Lissiecutie

Runners Up will receive 500 StarS!

 Runner Up Entry by Elsarose
Hippie Gippie Giraffe by Elsarose

 Runner Up Entry by Bluedove2897
Creatures by bluedove2897

Here are the leaks for the new items that are about to come out! I love that Indian Sari! :D

New Items
Here I am wearing a red babydoll and pink shorts with white leggings! I love that pizza board! YUM! My friend is wearing the Stylish Vest and Grey Corduroys! I hope he doesn’t get a paper cut from that Paper Airplane Board! YIKES!

New Items
Here I am in my favourite, the Indian Sari! My friend is totally rockin’ it with his Gakuran (Japanese School Uniform), and Red Convertible! It’s soo fast!!!

New Creatures
Hehe! I couldn’t resist! Here are the first two creatures that are going to be released from that set! Aren’t they ADORABLE? :D

Phone Tutorial

Go me!!! Hey there Fantagians! Today I have a Tutorial for you guys. We’ve been getting a lot of emails asking us about the Fantage Phone and how to use it, so for all of you that had questions, hopefully this answers them. :D Try not to text too much, your hands will start to cramp and hurt!



Phone Tutorial 1
Phone Tutorial 2
Phone Tutorial 3
Phone Tutorial 4
Phone Tutorial 5
Phone Tutorial 6
Phone Tutorial 7
Phone Tutorial 8
Phone Tutorial 9

New Creature Set!

Go me!!! Hey all! Welcome back, today I have a leak of the new creature set! Can’t show you what they look like yet, you’re gonna have to use your imaginations on this one. I know some of you know about Mr. Blob, but what about the others? They’re all totally cute, I cant wait to transform into my favorite one (that’s a secret for now! haha!)

Creature Leak
For those of you that are artistic, feel free to email with your creature edits. Please make sure to put ‘Creature Edit Contest’ in the subject or it might get lost!
Here are the outlines for you guys to play around with. Please note that you HAVE to use the line EXACTLY, nothing outside the line, no blank space inside the line. Our staff at Fantage will pick 3 lucky winners who will get a special feature on our blog! In your email you should include your Fantage username, your email address, your creature’s name and inspiration for your creature! Awesome, right? Go for it!!!

Creature Edit Bases

Forest Preview

Go me!!! Hi Everyone! Today I have some awesome screenshots for you! I have a preview of the forest area! It should be released next weekend if all goes according to plan. They have to relocate some of the wildlife so it’s safe for Fantagians to travel. There are some really creepy critters out there…. Especially the chickens… Anyway! I also got a peek at the ID card for one of the NPCs that will be hanging out in the Forest! She’s a really sweet girl, so I hope you guys treat her nice once the Fantage Forest Relocation Project is complete! Make sure to take your stuff with you, we don’t want to clutter up our gorgeous forest with litter!

Forest Preview 1

Forest Preview 2

Forest Preview 3

Forest Preview 4

Forest Preview 5

Forest Preview 6

Here’s the ID card for Lily the Fairy! She’s so awesome!

NPC Lily's ID card

Ottoman’s Attic and Sun Block

Go me!!!Hey Guys, I’m back with another post! This time I got my picture taken! See? I’ve been busy hanging out in Ottoman’s attic and tanning on top of Sun Block, it makes me want some lemonade! Mmm…
Surprisingly I haven’t gotten into trouble once! I’ve been so good Officer Russel hasn’t gotten upset once. Thankfully. he seems to have calmed down since I leaked the Beach. Speaking of which, I hope you guys are enjoying the sand and surf. While laying back and enjoying the sun I overheard Officer Russel tell the Lifeguard Chad that the Beta and St. Patrick’s Day item are going to be released really soon, so stay tuned to Fantage. These items won’t be added to your inventory automatically, you’ll have to go to the shop and pick them up… I’m SO excited!



Attic Secret 1
Attic Secret 2
Attic Secret 3

Sun Block Secret 1
Sun Block Secret 2
Sun Block Secret 3